Contrary to common perception, you don’t need to be hyper-active to meet deadlines and learn effectively.  All you need are two factors to ace online education: Consistency and Focus. Online time management revolves around these factors and if you master these, your student life may become quite easy.

If you are unable to keep track of time and have no idea how all the work suddenly piles up, you need to look at these handy tips:

Believe it or Not – Planning Helps

You might have come across this saying a number of times by now ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’. Same goes for online education. Plan for online education the way you do for the other important things in your life. Make note of the following questions:

  • What is my study plan?
  • What time will I attend lectures?
  • How much time will I keep for online education? ( per day or per week)
  • What are the priorities? How will I meet them?
  • What can be the best study space and how will I arrange it?
  • When will I update my study plan and see if it’s working?

You will need a Calendar

Do not rely too much on memory to stay organized. You can lose track and forget things on daily basis. So get hold of a calendar, be it a traditional or a digital one. List down the tasks at hand, and mark their deadlines on your calendar. It is a great way to stay organized and see how well you are progressing. Having your tasks organized will not only rid you of confusion but also give you a sense of achievement when you finish work on time.

Procrastination Never Helped Anyone

Anything that keeps you from focusing on lectures and studies is a distraction. Common distractions include social networks, text messages, phone calls, television, and your surroundings. The first step to keeping distractions away is being aware of them. Once you know what distracts you, the next step is to eliminate them. When working on a paper, or going through readings, you need to keep this in mind. You also need to choose a time when there are minimum distractions, so you can pay full attention to your studies.

Multi-tasking backfires

You could be a good multi-tasker but when it comes to paying attention and trying to grasp concepts, multi-tasking should not be an option. Only try keeping your attention at what you are doing that time. You could finish up other tasks earlier, later, or delegate them to someone else. Having complete focus and giving quality time to education can reap results that can help you in future.

Reward Yourself

When you have accomplished a task, like reading, writing, or performed well on a test, you should reward yourself by going to a movie or by planning some activity. Taking breaks and rewarding yourself can be quite energizing for you. With the rewards, you can get back to your schedule with a renewed sense of energy and motivation.

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