Those interested in pursuing a career in computer forensics must acquire a degree in this field. Computer forensics is a highly relevant field in a world where there is an increased incidence of computer crime.  In particular, computer forensics refers to the recovery of data from various digital media. Such electronic evidence is often a central component of criminal investigations. There is an overlap between careers in computer forensics and careers in law enforcement and criminal justice; the three fields are closely related.There exist a number of career choices for individuals wishing to work in this field. Employment opportunities in computer forensics exist across public (local, state and federal) and private organizations, firms and companies. These include law firms, crime labs and law enforcement agencies including the police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and homeland security amongst other departments. Computer forensic careers include working in the capacity of a:

  • Computer forensics investigator
  • Computer forensics specialist
  • Computer forensics analyst
  • Consultant
  • Technician
  • Associate of Science in Computer Forensics
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Forensics
  • Master of Science in Computer Forensics