Overview of Field
Degree completion of Liberal Arts allows you to take a broad range of courses drawn from the sciences, social sciences, humanities and foreign languages. Degree completion of Liberal Arts remains one of the most common academic choices in the United States given how the liberal arts are a proven foundation for graduate study and preparation for many diverse careers.
Structure and duration of the degree program
Degree completion of Liberal Arts generally involves completing a four year undergraduate degree or a one year master’s degree. Degree completion of Liberal Arts offers great flexibility in selection of coursework since the degree by definition attempts to broaden students and give them a wide set of skills.
Highlights of the coursework
The coursework of the degree completion of liberal arts draws upon a wide range of courses all sharing a focus on analytical thinking. Degree completion of liberal arts requires students to hone their skills in close reading, discussion and analytical writing. This can be accomplished by studying everything from the history of genocide to the place of architecture in religion.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements

The undergraduate degree completion of liberal arts just requires a high school degree for admission consideration. Students are expected to complete distribution requirements in areas like culture and metaphysics for degree completion of liberal arts.
Career prospects and average salary

The degree completion of liberal arts provides excellent preparation for graduate study in medicine, law and business as well as careers in journalism, communication, sales and management.
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