As the pace of life gets faster and faster, the race towards success in life has become a tough game. To be a successful person, you need a well-paid job or the necessary knowledge to make money with your own ideas. Traditionally, we acquire said knowledge from schools, colleges and universities. With the increasing expenses of formal education and the decreasing amount of time available for us to be able to commit ourselves to studying, there is a major lapse in the availability of education. If you think you can’t attend an institute to get the degree you want, you can now get a Distance Learning Degree.

What is a Distance Learning Degree?

Distance Learning Programs are educational courses that can be completed without the student physically being present at the educational institution. This means that all coursework and syllabus are delivered to the student using various methods and it is up to them to decide how they want to study and organize their schedule. The institute has various methods to keep a check on students and test them to award them with degrees and certifications. Distance Learning Degrees are very useful for people who do not have the time or money to spend on a full-time educational institute. The students get to plan their study schedule around their existing jobs or businesses so they do not have to disrupt their existing lifestyle.

Methods used to provide Distance Learning

Modern day Distance Learning Programs use a variety of methods to teach and deliver education to students. With massive advances in technology, there have been major advances in distance learning methods. The two main types of methods used are Synchronous and Asynchronous. Synchronous methods are the courses where all students get together at a certain time, using various technologies, to attend classes or finish up assignments. Some of the technologies used in such courses include:

  • Telephone
  • Video-Conferencing
  • Web-Conferencing
  • Satellite Broadcasts
  • Internet Radio
  • Live Streaming
  • Voice over IP

Asynchronous methods are where the students are sent certain educational materials and they can complete their studying and assignments in their own time. This method is preferable for people who cannot commit to a fixed time and schedule. Some Asynchronous technologies that are used in Distance Learning include:

  • Audio cassette/CD
  • E-mail
  • Online forums/blogs
  • Printed material
  • Fax
  • DVD


Testing for these courses usually takes place in a controlled environment. Even though there are a number of software programs available that make it easier for the teacher to control the testing environment, most institutes prefer an on-site, invigilated testing procedure. The method used is totally dependent on the type of institution.

The range of courses available in Distance Learning Programs varies from certifications to degrees and institutes ranging from Community Colleges to Universities are accredited as Distance Learning institutes all over the country. A Distance Learning Degree is a great option if you want to achieve that extra qualification that will get you that ever-evasive promotion or if you just want to learn a skill to be able to pursue a career you desire. Have a look through the hundreds of accredited institutions and pick the best Distance Learning Degree.