What is supply chain management?
The field of supply chain management revolves around managing the logistical operations involved in supplying goods and services to various business, industries and government organizations around the country. It includes the acquisition of raw materials, processing these materials into finished products and delivering them to consumers. Supply chain management professionals are also responsible for inventory management, warehousing and transportation of various materials as required by a client or a company. Due to businesses around the world searching for new methods to improve the delivery of services, and effectively storing, transporting and distributing products to expand their revenue stream, the field of supply chain management is growing at an exponential rate.How can I get a doctoral of supply chain management?
The doctoral or PhD of supply chain management is the highest degree offered in this field, and can be completed through a variety of online and on-campus programs in four to five years. The applicants for this program are required to hold a master’s degree in a management related field in addition to some work experience. The coursework includes subjects such as accounting, financial management, leadership, resource management, logistics management, inventorying and storage and management information systems.What are the future prospects?
Every business company, manufacturing corporation, general services organization and government agency needs to move workers, supplies and other materials throughout the world, and as such numerous exciting opportunities are offered for supply chain management graduates. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment opportunities in this field will increase by about 17% through 2018 and average wages for doctoral of supply chain managementgraduates currently stand at $160,000 per year.Excite Education
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