What is tech project management?
The field of technology deals with the development of new, innovative solutions and products to help us perform various tasks easily and efficiently. Tech project management is the branch of technology that concentrates on applying management principles in the various areas of technology in order to effectively manage product development, resources and personnel, financial aspects and other operational requirements. Professionals in this field work across a number of industries, including engineering, healthcare and information technology.
How can I get the doctoral of tech project management?
In order to enroll in the PhD or doctoral of tech project management, you need to have a master’s degree in technology or a related field. Some of the key courses included in this four-year long degree are resource management, labor relations, financial management, data analysis, report preparation, occupational safety and supply management. Students then take courses in a specialization area of their choice, such as construction management, assembly line management or research & development. This is followed by an independent, thesis-based research, which must be completed in order to graduate.
What are the future prospects?
The increased mechanization and digitalization at businesses around the world has greatly boosted the demand for tech project management professionals. A doctoral of tech project management is the best choice to take advantage of this growth, and obtain a top level job in virtually any industry, or join the academic side as a professor. Average starting salaries for tech project managers currently stand at $88,000; while experienced professionals make close to $200,000 per year.

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