What is technology?
Technology is the field that focuses on the development and design of various products to help us perform different tasks in a better and efficient manner. Our lives have undergone a huge transformation over the past century, primarily due to the innovations and changes technology which have led us to more comfortable, safe, secure and stable lifestyles. From minute components inside your watch to the sophisticated systems in the international space station – everything around us that we use in our daily lives is the product of technology. As new innovations and ideas in technology continue to spread, the technology industry maintains the number 1 spot among all fields in terms of growth and employment opportunities around the world.
What is a doctoral of technology?
The doctoral of technology is a four year long research focused degree and is the highest degree offered in this field. The degree includes two years of academic work with courses in areas such as product design and development, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, IT and management information systems. Students have the ability to choose from hundreds of specializations, and must also take courses specific to the field of their choosing. The next two years are spent carrying out a thesis based independent research project.
What are the future prospects?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million new jobs will be created in the field of technology over the next five years in the United States alone. The doctoral of technology is the best way to take advantage of this unparalleled growth and obtain a high paying position as a professor at a university or college, product designer for a manufacturing company or project leader in a variety of industries.
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