Every era is marked by a particular fashion of clothes, shoes, bags, etc. In the current times, fashion design has become a formal field with sophisticated procedures to arrive at creative, unique clothes and shoes that look good and sell well. The products of the top fashion designers in the country are considered hot commodities and are a sign of status. Hence, many people with artistic, creative skills and a natural flair for colors and style want to enroll in fashion colleges to achieve their dream of becoming eminent fashion designers. There are various fashion colleges in the country that offer state-of-the-art programs in not only fashion design but also visual merchandising, marketing, fashion management, etc. that are also integral for succeeding in the competitive fashion industry.


Fashion colleges offer associate, bachelor and even certificate level programs for aspiring fashion designers. Admission in the programs usually requires a high school diploma, SAT/ACT scores along with a portfolio displaying the applicant’s creative talent. The students are extensively trained in concepts like drawing, painting, pattern making, draping, sewing, tailoring, haute couture, shoe design, knitwear, marketing, fashion management, etc. in a program leading to an associate degree in fashion design. Moreover, many fashion colleges also offer online courses for adult students interested in gaining some knowledge about fashion design.

Best Colleges That Offer Fashion