What is Interior Design?

Interior design involves the use of architectural, technical and creative skills to create an aesthetically pleasing environment according to a client’s needs and specifications. Interior designers must be able to create a safe, secure and comfortable environment to live in. An interior design degree opens up numerous opportunities in the residential and commercial design sectors as well as outdoor landscaping and designing. Interior designers can also work independently, and about half of all interior designers set up their own businesses thanks to the high demand and advancement opportunities offered by this field.

What programs are offered?

Interior design degrees on offer include Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in interior design. A few major colleges also offer Master’s degrees in interior design. Interior design degrees are offered by the fine arts departments of most colleges whereas others include interior design in the architecture and building departments. Some colleges like ‘The Art Institute’, ‘The International Academy of Design and Technology’ and ‘Penn Foster College’ have set up special departments dedicated to interior design. For students who wish to make an entry into professional life as soon as possible and wish to support themselves with a handsome salary, the associate’s in interior design degree offers just the right combination of courses that make a student attractive to employers. The associate of arts in interior design degree (AA-ID) is also offered by several community colleges as well as online colleges, opening it up to more students. Earning an interior design degree from an online college also allows you to take classes from the calm environment of your own home at a time that is convenient for you, and at a pace that you are comfortable with – resulting in some students earning an associate’s degree in as little as a year.

What subjects will I study?

For those who wish to pursue a full degree program, Bachelor’s degree in interior design are also offered. These include the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Bachelor of Fine Arts and Interior Design. The bachelor’s degrees can last anywhere from 3 to 4 years, while holders of an associate’s degree in Interior Design can finish the bachelor’s degree in as little as 2 years. The bachelor’s in Interior Design degree gives students the necessary analytical skills and creative abilities that are essential for an interior designer. Courses offered in this degree include English composition and writing, technical drawing, 3d graphics development and computer aided drawing. Students are also taught psychology to help them understand the needs of their clients and develop an appealing environment. Students are also taught courses in color & fabrics design, spatial planning, architecture, environment layout, landscaping, floral design, furniture design and ergonomics. Upon the completion of a bachelor’s degree students may then sit for a licensure exam in interior design. The prerequisites for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam include at least 2 years of college education and a total of 6 years of work experience and education combined. Upon clearing the exam, students are certified as ‘Licensed Interior Designers’.

So why would I get an Interior Design Degree?

All in all, obtaining an interior designing degree does not limit you to designing a celebrity’s living room – it opens up numerous doors for you across several industries – from working as a city planner to designing schools, malls, museums, and recreation centers to assisting architects in designing buildings and bridges to working as a building safety & quality assurance inspector. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for interior designers are expected to grow by almost 20% till 2018 – more than the average growth of any other occupation. With an increasing number of businesses and homeowners hiring interior designers to help them design visually creative and appealing spaces and ensure maximum utilization of space, this field is set to only go upward. If you have a creative personality and artistic abilities and enjoy working with people, an interior design degree could be the ideal thing for you.

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