What is healthcare management?
The field of healthcare management deals with the implementation of various business and management principles to effectively manage services in hospitals and clinics, increase treatment quality and decrease the overall costs. Millions of people are treated at hospitals across the country every year, and like all industries, the healthcare industry is also focusing on introducing management techniques to better manage the system and increase efficiency and profitability across the board.
How can I get the master of healthcare management?
The Master in Healthcare Management is a two-year long graduate level degree that can be obtained through a number of online and traditional, on-campus programs. In order to enroll in this degree, you must have a bachelor’s level of education with a major in healthcare or a related field. The coursework includes courses in population health, healthcare economics, healthcare marketing, public health and health policy development. Students also take managerial courses such as business communications, human resource management, organizational development, leadership skills and financial management.
What are the career opportunities like?
As the demand for medical services in the country goes up, so does the demand for healthcare management professionals. Nearly two million people will be employed in the healthcare industry by 2018, and there is a dire need for healthcare managers to effectively supervise health related services at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of 17% in employment opportunities for healthcare management professionals, and puts average earnings at $137,000 per year, making the Master of Healthcare Management an extremely attractive degree.