What is International Business?
The field of international business deals with the trade taking place across international borders, and focuses on the areas of international marketing, investments, improved market access, trade agreements, overseas production, logistics and long term strategic planning. As the world transforms into a global village, and transportation methods greatly improve, the field of international business is seeing a remarkable rate of growth. The increased access of the internet, international economic agreements and increased proliferation of international markets has helped create thousands of jobs to support our struggling economy.
How can I get the Master of International Business?
The Master in International Business degree is a two-year long, advanced graduate program that is offered to people who hold a bachelor’s degree in a business related field. The core curriculum includes courses in business communications, financial management, accounting, management information systems and strategic planning. This is followed by specialization courses such as global economics, production management, international marketing, cross-border trade agreements and international business laws. Before they graduate, students are required to submit a thesis on a research project they complete under the supervision of their professors.
What opportunities does the future hold?
The Master of International Business can help you obtain a highly rewarding career as an international business consultant, country manager or project supervisor. Numerous opportunities exist in manufacturing companies, retail corporations, financial institutions, the IT and telecommunications industry and other private businesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment opportunities in international business will grow by as much as 16% till 2018 and places average wages in this field at $155,000 per year.