What is IT management?
The term ‘IT’ refers to the field of Information Technology which deals with designing, developing and managing information systems, networks and communication systems. Today, IT plays an integral part in our lives, and plays a central role in how we work, communicate and otherwise live our lives. The field of IT management focuses on the implementation of management principles in order to effectively and efficiently develop or maintain information systems in various organizations.
What is the Master of IT Management?
The Master in IT Management is an advanced, two-year long graduate degree designed to help students develop managerial and leadership skills that can be used in a supervisory role in the IT industry . In order to enroll in this program, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in management or an IT related field. The curriculum includes courses such as application development, network design and management, web development and information management systems. Students also take courses in business communications, resource management, risk assessment and financial management.
What are the future prospects?
The field of Information Technology is one of the fastest growing in the world, and is on its way to becoming the largest employer in the country. As such, IT Management graduates are being hired by the dozen at various businesses and IT companies, government organizations and the military. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment opportunities in this field will rise by 22% through 2018. This phenomenal growth, combined with average salaries of over $175,000 per year makes the Master of IT Management degree an excellent choice for the future.
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