What is database technology?
Database technology is the field that deals with the acquisition, management, and storage of various types of data at private businesses, internet based companies and government organizations around the globe. Information technology and computers have transformed our lives today and are used to perform hundreds of tasks from communications to banking. Databases provide for a means to safely and securely store our sensitive information and prevent hackers and cyber criminals from accessing it. Database technology is employed across various government agencies, private companies and internet based businesses around the world.
What is the Master of Database Technology?
The Master in Database Technology is a two year long degree designed to give students thorough technical knowledge combined with various management techniques in order to effectively supervise operations at an organization. The coursework includes subjects like database design and implementation, database management, data storage and retrieval, custom database design and internet security. Students must also complete a research project under the supervision of their professors before they can graduate.
What are the future prospects?
Due to the increase in the use of computer systems and information technology for business, communications and financial activities, the demand for database technology professionals to manage all that data is growing at an unprecedented rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of 17% in employment opportunities in this field and puts average wages at more than $140,000 per year. A Master of Database technology is an ideal choice for the future and can get you a top level job in virtually any industry, private business or government organization.
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