Overview of the field
A Post-Grad Certificates of Nursing program is a one-year program designed to introduce the students to the basics of Nursing theory and practice.
Structure and duration of the program
It is a one-year degree program. The student may decide to complete it within one year or study the courses at his or her own pace which might take longer. Most of the colleges allow for flexibility in how the student might want to go about the coursework. No externship is required as a part of the degree.
Highlights of the coursework
The coursework covers both the theoretical and practical applications of the Nursing field. The main courses in the degree include advanced nursing practice, work ethics, qualitative and quantitative research and health care policy among others.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements
The criteria for admission in to the program are a bachelor’s degree with a major in a related field. Although many universities are flexible with regard to the major, some universities might have a rigid criterion with regard to previous education in the field and some relevant work experience.
Career prospects and average salary
Nursing itself is a diverse field within medical health. The job market in the field is quite extensive and is expected to increase considerably according to the US labor department’s statistics. A Post-Grad Certificate of Nursing can be your pathway to a Master’s degree or a way to enter the medical field. Average salary in the field is around $25,000.