For most students, the transition from high school to college can be a difficult period. Even the high performing students find themselves struggling with the structure-less college environment. Teachers or parents won’t check up on you to find out how well you are doing. There will be little motivation or pressure from the outside. If you keep yourself motivated and proactive, you are much more likely to succeed in college.

Attendance is key

If you are aiming for good grades, then attendance is a must. Attend your classes regularly, and do not get late. If you skip your classes, you will miss out on important points that your professor covers. You will have a hard time understanding the material from textbooks alone. You might not get complete information about tests and exams as well. Also, with poor attendance your grade can suffer, because professors assign a certain percentage for attendance and class participation.

Manage yourself

College life teaches that you are old enough to take your own responsibility. In other words you can say it’s a prelude to practical life .The sooner you learn, the better off you will be. Maintain a planner and keep a to-do list. Plus, it is important that you focus on the lectures and keep distractions away. It is a good idea to make notes, as it helps you stay focused and you absorb a lot more information from the lecture. You cannot remember every word the professor said, so it’s better to be quick in noting things down. If you have any confusion, try to ask the professor as soon as you can. If you keep delaying, you might not get the opportunity later due to your rigorous schedule. If you know your priorities and stick to your schedule, college will go easy on you.

Don’t delay your term paper

You will be required to write numerous term papers in college until you graduate. The best way to go about writing a term paper is to get a head start. Delaying your term paper will only add extra stress to your life and make things more complicated for you. Once you have prepared an outline or a rough draft of your term paper, discuss it with your professor, to make sure that you are on the right track. If you start off late, the quality of the paper will suffer, and you may have to go through a lot of anxiety that you could’ve avoided in the first place.

Adopt smart study skills

If you revise your notes regularly in small chunks, you will not feel overwhelmed when your midterms or finals come. You can also go for a group study. Make sure that you are actually studying and not wasting time, while sitting in a group. Also, keep your course outline handy and read chapter summaries before your professor delivers a lecture related to it. This way you’ll stay more focused and will also be able to participate more. Make your own notes on the sides of textbooks, so when you are revising before your exam, you can easily go through important points, without having to read the entire chapter.

Socialize but within limits

College life makes it a lot more important for you to socialize. You learn a lot many things by socializing and keeping in touch with other students. It is good to exchange phone numbers and regularly keep in touch with your classmates. This way, you can get a lot of support, important tips and information, and be more motivated to study. However, you will need to draw a line when socializing gets too much and you see that you are just wasting your time. You do not need to say yes to every activity that sounds fun and interesting. It’s good to say no when you see that it will affect you adversely. College life is a test where you need to strike the right balance between studies and fun.

While many high school students get excited over the sudden freedom they experience in college, they might not realize the repercussions. With this five point guide, you now know what lies ahead and how you can capitalize on your time and opportunities. If you have some experiences to share about your college life, or some tips for those entering college, feel free to share with us.

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