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Real World Problems and Education problems 0

5 Things Your Professor Hasn’t Told You about the Real World

Do you think you have gathered all the wisdom you could during your four years at college? Think again. You still haven’t learned what the

Best mobile apps for online education - EdDirect Blog 1

Best mobile apps for online students you haven’t heard of

There are things that you can live without but you can’t deny that they make your life a lot easier. Mobile apps can become an

Online Education is best for you - EdDirect Blog 0

Five Reasons why higher education is good for you

A recent report of the College Board, “Education Pays, 2013: The benefits of higher education for individuals and society,” makes it clear that higher education

Online Education Cost Comparison Picture 0

Cost Comparison of Online Degrees and Traditional Colleges

With the increase in college debt and rising education costs, students need to make the right choice. It is a general perception that online schools

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