An online accounting program is a great choice for those people who are not in a position to commit themselves to full time study in a conventional classroom. The online accounting program is a great way to complete training the technical field of accounting through part-time online study.

Structure and Duration of the Degree Program:-

The online accounting program caters to students with different needs. Those looking to complete an undergraduate degree may take up to four years’ worth of courses. Those looking to complete a graduate degree will take the equivalent of two years of courses. Some opt to take the certification form of the online accounting program.

Highlights of the coursework:-

The online accounting program allows students to complete technical courses related to finance and accounts by completing relevant problem sets and assignments. Students in the online accounting program are also able to benefit from social networking technology such as forums to work in teams to complete projects related to interpreting accounting and using them in managerial decision making.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements:-

The online accounting program encourages people from all backgrounds to apply particularly those with some exposure to finance or business and relevant work experience. Graduation depends on maintaining a passing grade point average in all requirements including core and elective courses and the final project.

Career prospects and average salary:-

The students who graduate from the online accounting program are able to gain employment in banks, financial institutions and corporations.