The field of liberal arts encompasses various areas of the social sciences and the humanities. It includes subjects such as literature, history, philosophy, arts, mathematics, economics and general sciences. The Associate of liberal arts degree is a good choice if you want to increase your knowledge of the fundamentals of the humanities field. Since it is not a technical field, online courses are very popular as students can read and analyze the texts at their convenience.
Program Structure and Coursework

The Associate in liberal arts is a two year degree program offered at community colleges, junior schools and through online courses. It is awarded after 60 credit hours have been completed. The degree is based largely on theory and teaches the principles of philosophy, religion, history and arts. Credit hours can later be transferred to a four year Bachelor’s degree.Admission requirements for the program are the same as any other associate degree. Applicants are required to have a high school diploma. While some universities require some experience in the field, the Associate of liberal arts program does not require any prior knowledge.
Careers in Liberal Arts

The Associate of liberal arts is a good option if you want to pursue higher studies in any particular humanities sub-field later. Since it is a broad field, you can take up teaching at the junior level in any of the courses you take as a part of your degree. The salary can go up to as much as $70,000. However, the average salary for those with an Associate degree is around $30,000.