As the job market gets increasingly competitive, the need to beef up your resume has become imperative. In this day and age, even skilled laborers are required to show some formal qualification in order to get a job. While a certification or diploma could do enough to get you a standard job, a College Degree can open new doors of success in your career.

What is a College Degree?
In the United States of America, there is a three level system of degrees since the 1800’s. The first level is a 4 year Bachelor’s degree, followed by a 1 or 2 year Master’s Degree and the highest level is a Doctorate Degree. Degrees were introduced as a way to award learners for the time spent studying and as proof of their qualification and education. Some degrees are required for enrollment in certain courses while other degrees are necessary to be able to work in a certain job. Degrees are offered in a wide range of subjects and it is possible to obtain a degree in almost any field of education.

Types of Degrees
While there are three main tiers in the degree system, there are a number of degrees that are awarded by universities and colleges all over the country. Some of the main types of degrees include:

Associate’s Degrees: This is an undergraduate degree that is awarded upon completion of 2 years of study at a community or junior college. The degree usually represents the first 2 years of a 4 year degree and credit from this can be transferred to a full university course or the degree can be used to obtain a job. Some associate’s degrees include AA, AST, AGS and AS.

Bachelor’s Degrees: These are postgraduate degrees that are awarded after completion of usually a 4 year course while the course can sometimes last up to 5 years too. Examples of bachelor’s degrees include BBA, BA, BSc and BComm.

Master’s Degrees: This degree is offered to people who have shown a total mastery over a certain subject. This can be achieved by acquiring a high level of education on the subject or accomplishing a high level of professional experience in the field. Master’s degrees include MA, MFA, LLM and MSc.

Licentiate Degrees: These degrees are acquired by individuals willing to practice a certain profession and act as a license for the legal practice of a certain skill. Specialists Degrees: This degree falls between a master’s degree and a doctorate and is awarded for specialization in a certain field of education. A Specialists Degree can be called an extension of a Master’s Degree.

Doctorate Degrees: A doctorate is the highest level of education in America and is awarded to an individual who demonstrates an extremely high level of understanding of a certain subject. The types of doctorate degrees include, Research Doctorates and Professional Doctorates.

Online Degrees
The new wave of Information Technology has made online education simpler and more convenient than ever. You can now enroll for a number of College Degrees Online from the comfort of your living room.

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