Alternatively known as junior, technical and vocational colleges, community colleges are educational institutes that offer 2 year programs that lead to certificates, diplomas or Associate’s degrees. More advanced degrees such as Bachelor, Master or PhD programs are not available at community colleges. Generally the student body at such an educational institution consists of individuals from the local community.

Community colleges are useful for those who intend on going on to gain admission into a 4 year Bachelor program after completing an Associate degree. Those who intend on entering the workforce immediately after gaining an Associate degree may also choose to enroll at a community college. Many who wish to enroll in programs for the sake of personal fulfillment can also find a community college to be suitable for their requirements.

Advantages of Community Colleges
A community colleges search can bring forth a number of advantages for those wishing to enroll in programs there. Since a community college can be located close to where you live, you could save on living and commuting costs. Community college program fees are also far lower than those at universities. Since community colleges student populations are lower, class sizes are smaller which is advantageous for those who prefer a closer interaction with their teachers. Admission to a community college is not dependant on ACT or SAT scores. A further advantage of a community college is that if you are clear about the career path you plan to take and the field you plan to entry requires only an Associate degree, then you would save time and money by enrolling in a 2 year Associate degree program as opposed to a 4 year Bachelor’s program.

Community College Programs
A community colleges search will show you the diverse number of subjects on offer at these educational institutes. Programs range from the liberal arts to the sciences. The most popular programs at community colleges are related to nursing, radiology, law enforcement and information technology. Community college graduates will find a multitude of career opportunities available to them. Health care and homeland security are just two fields where a large number of community college graduates are employed. Nurses, both licensed and registered, attendants, orderlies, radiologists and other health care professionals can find the education they require at community colleges. Homeland security and law enforcement officials can also find the foundations for their careers2 through programs offered at community colleges. Fire fighters and hair stylists can also begin their careers2 with a degree from such a college.

Career Prospects for Community College Graduates
Carrying out a community colleges search is the right thing to do for those who wish to enter the workforce as soon as possible. Many career options are available in a variety of fields for those who have an Associate degree from a community college. Apart from healthcare and law enforcement, other fields which employ community college graduates include the computer industry where computer and network technicians, as well as computer security professionals are required. Paralegals, medical transcriptionists, medical billing and coding professionals, automotive mechanics and many others can begin their careers2 after gaining an Associate degree from a community college too. If you have a clear career goal in mind and wish to enter the workforce immediately, then finding an appropriate degree from a community college may be the best option for you.

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