Do you love the casual cooking style of Jamie Oliver or the more intense manner of Gordon Ramsey? Do you dream of opening your own restaurant? Have you been inspired by the likes of Rachael Ray and Nigella Lawson?

Those interested in making a career as a chef should enroll in a culinary program that can give them the foundation on which to build their experience. There is a wide range of cooking schools out there where you can find culinary programs of all types and at all levels. You can pick a school depending on your personal requirements such as cost, facilities, location, reputation and more. You can find a culinary program ranging from the general to one which is more specific. Some specific programs are based on a particular style of cooking or are related to food and dishes from a particular region.

Culinary Degrees
You can find a culinary program at a variety of levels ranging from certificates and diplomas to Associate, Bachelor and Master level programs in the culinary arts. A culinary program teaches students cooking methods and techniques. Students are taught about ingredients and how to use them, as well as the ins and outs of the culinary industry. Those who are just starting off in this field would be advised to enroll in a general culinary program which focuses on a number of different subjects. Those professionals, who already have a culinary career but wish to specialize in a particular area, can choose a program that focuses on their area of interest. Associate culinary programs are 2 years in duration, while a Bachelor degree will take 4 years to complete. Certificate and diploma programs are generally shorter and can range from a few weeks to a few months.

Choosing a Culinary Program
Usually a culinary arts program trains students in various regional styles of cooking which may include French, Japanese, Italian and more. During the course of your culinary program you can see which cooking style you feel more passionate about and discover what you wish to specialize in. Those interested in the creation of tantalizing desserts, can look into baking and pastry culinary programs.

Other than roles in the kitchen, you can find a culinary program that can lead to a career on the management side of the culinary business. You can find culinary programs that apart from culinary arts programs, include, programs such as restaurant and hospitality management, professional catering, hotel management, food and beverage management and more.

Building a Culinary Career
The vastness of the culinary industry means that completion of a culinary program can open up a number of career paths for you. If you prefer to be in the kitchen making the perfect meal with your own hands, then there are opportunities available at restaurants, hotels and clubs. If you would rather handle the management and administration of a culinary business, then you could choose from a variety of hospitality management related positions. Food writers, nutritionists, restaurant and catering business owners are some other roles available to those with an appropriate culinary degree. Make a cordon bleu career for yourself by finding the right culinary program for yourself today!

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