Overview of the program
A doctoral of Psychology allows you to pursue a number of specified careers in the mental health field.
Structure and duration of the degree
A Doctoral of Psychology takes around four to six years to complete and the duration might increase depending on how the student wishes to undertake research and how long it takes to complete dissertation and externship or internship. The structure of the program allows coursework as well as extensive research and practical experience.
Highlights of the coursework
Some of the main courses included in a Doctoral program of Psychology are psychopharmacology, various aspects of addiction or compulsive behavior, innovative practices in health care, community psychology, social psychology, cultural issues in psychology, principles of health psychology, history and systems of psychology and lifespan development among others.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements
To get admission into the doctorate program of Psychology, you need to have completed a Master’s degree in a related field, although many universities prefer a Master’s in Psychology. To graduate, the student needs to complete all the three main components of the degree – coursework, dissertation and research, externship or internship.
Career prospects and average salary
Mental health is a broad field as far as the job market is concerned. With a Doctoral in Psychology , you can start teaching at university level. Besides, the degree has a job market in forensics and counseling with public and private organizations. An average salary for those with a doctorate in Psychology is around $80,000.