What is school psychology?
School psychology or education psychology is an important sub-field of psychology, and focuses on understanding how people learn and what sort of mental processes are involved in learning. While the particular specialty of school psychology is primarily young school-going children, it also includes adult education. School psychology also focuses on the early diagnosis of learning disorders and their treatment. Moreover, school psychologists are also involved in creating an environment that promotes learning and allows students to discover their creative abilities and other talents.
What is the doctoral of school psychology?

The doctoral of school psychology is the highest degree of its kind offered in a variety of on-campus and online settings. In order to enroll in this four-year long program, you must hold at least a master’s degree in a psychology or education related field in addition to some relevant work experience. The program starts off with two years of academic studies, with the coursework including subjects such as the psychology of learning, effective instruction methods, psychological and psychometric testing and diagnosis of disabilities. Over the next two to three years, students conduct an independent, dissertation based field research before they are awarded the doctorate of school psychology.
What are the future prospects?

Over the recent years, the emphasis of employing psychological methods in the field of education has tremendously increased. As a result, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified school psychology as one of the fastest growing fields in the country, with employment opportunities expected to increase by 18%. A doctoral of school psychology can help you obtain a top level job as a school administrator, counselor or educational consultant at various educational institutions across the country.

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