What is technology management?
The field of technology management combines two of the fastest growing fields on the planet: technology and business administration, or management. This field focuses on effectively managing resources and personnel to come up with innovative solutions that can be applied to a number of real world scenarios. Professionals in the field of technology management are responsible for the entire production process from acquiring raw materials, to developing a product and testing it, to marketing it across the world. They also focus on maintaining and improving existing technologies in fields such as engineering, information technology, healthcare, transportation and many others.
What is the doctoral of technology management?
A number of colleges offer doctoral degrees of technology management, which are the highest degrees offered in this field. Prerequisites to enroll in such a program include a master’s degree in a technology related field in addition to relevant work experience. The academic coursework includes subjects such as accounting, economics, statistics, performance analysis, risk management and leadership techniques. This is followed by an independent research project, at the end of which students submit their report or thesis to professors for a review.
What are the future prospects?
Due to the increased mechanization in numerous industries, the demand for qualified managers who have a thorough technical background as well as managerial capabilities is increasing throughout the world. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for professionals in this field of technology management will increase by 17% through 2018 with most jobs concentrated in the rapidly growing IT industry. As such, the doctoral of technology management is the ideal degree to make a highly rewarding career in academia, information technology and a variety of other fields.
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