EMT Classes

An emergency medical technician (EMT) is usually the first person on scenes of emergency such as heart attacks, car accidents, hiking accidents, etc. There is high demand for EMTs who are thoroughly trained in basic medical treatment; moreover, the career is emotionally satisfying as you are directly saving lives. A high school diploma or GED score is required for enrolling in EMT classes.

There are different levels of EMT classes going from entry level to paramedic level. Depending on the level, the training duration and its rigorousness will differ. For example, a paramedic level EMT may require an associate degree to prove his/her proficiency. Entry level EMT classes usually require 180 hours for completion, after which the students can appear in the certifying exam for EMTs. Students are thoroughly trained in basic medical procedures like performing CPR, handling respiratory problems, bandaging, treating blood loss, and emergency childbirth. There is extensive stress on field work to prepare students for working under pressure; it is advisable that students planning on pursuing this career should be critical thinkers and quick decision makers.

There is tremendous growth potential in the healthcare industry. Hence, people aiming to become EMTs have excellent chances of obtaining a lucrative job. Moreover, with advanced courses and further certifications, they can enhance their job prospects and obtain higher-paying jobs.