A recent report of the College Board, “Education Pays, 2013: The benefits of higher education for individuals and society,” makes it clear that higher education can do wonders for both individuals and the society in general. Findings from this study include some obvious benefits like employment and earning potential. It also states that those who graduate from college lead much healthier and prosperous lives.


With a college education, your chances of pursuing a challenging career increases. A college degree can add to job security and result in salary increments. Students might not be able to earn much during college and as a result debt may accumulate. But in the long run, college education can offer a number of monetary benefits. After graduation, individuals have their entire lives to earn till they retire.

A simple High School diploma might not cut it

If you are looking to switch jobs, your high school diploma might not be enough. Many employers now require a college education. When changing jobs, you will at least need an associate’s degree to be competitive in the job market.

Get rid of your dead-end job

If you feel you are working in a dead-end job and see no hope of ever getting out, higher education can help. You can also find colleges that will consider your work experience and will assign credit hours. Now the question would be how to take time out for higher education. Online programs and education can help in this regard. With online programs you can study at your own pace and also follow your preferred schedule.

You need to take the Stairs

There is no elevator to success; you need to take the stairs. Lack of education might be the reason your manager is not considering you for that promotion. If you have the right skills and dedication to climb the career ladder, but still feel that lack of education is holding you back, it’s about time you did something about it. Don’t make any excuses and start working towards a degree. Most organizations recognize an employee’s higher education and some even have tuition reimbursement plans to support them.

Be Your Best Self

Higher education is not all about jobs and promotions. It’s also a great way of grooming and adding a new skill set to your resume. Higher education can bring many positive changes to your personal life. It can bring a new outlook that you might have been missing. With learning, you experience personal growth and higher education is a great way to pursue your passion and make your life more meaningful.


No matter what your purpose is for higher education, there are always benefits of pursuing an advanced degree. It never goes to waste. Higher education can be worth the effort, money, and time. It can take you further than a high school diploma, and you can always feel proud of your achievement when you get that promotion.

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