Many brave and confident individuals who want to practically work to resolve social issues in the community and reduce crime want to know the answer to the question of how to become a cop so that they can join law enforcement agencies. The answer to the question of how to be a cop is simple but the process requires hard work. There are certain steps that have to be completed and most of these steps require diligence, perseverance, and commitment to do your best.

The first step in the process of how to be a police officer is to complete high school with courses in accounting, mathematics, computer applications, and behavioral sciences. The next step is a civil service exam followed by a physical fitness exam; the physical fitness test usually gauges agility, strength, vision, and hearing.  A mental test is also done to determine an applicant’s personality characteristics. Quick and steady judgment, ability to work under pressure in stressful environments, etc. are integral characteristics required in an efficient police officer. Police officers looking for growth in their career should enroll in a bachelor level program. Many schools offer online baccalaureate programs in criminal justice, forensic science, etc. that can be taken by working police officers to enhance their resume and achieve higher-paying, management level positions in law enforcement agencies.