If you wish to pursue a career in marketing, then you will need the right educational qualifications to make a successful entry into this creative and competitive field. Marketing is an essential business function of any company providing products or services to consumers. It consists of a number of different areas which include identifying consumer needs and developing products and services relevant to those needs. Marketing also involves planning and strategizing about ways to reach potential customers, as well as deciding who to market to and how. This includes deciding what prices to set.

By researching the variety of Marketing degrees available, you can find one that would best suit your needs. You can then put your natural confidence and creative talent to good use in a field which will provide you with the opportunity to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Marketing Degrees and Programs

Depending on the level of education you are searching for, you can find degrees and programs in marketing at the Associate, Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. Shorter duration certificate and diploma programs are also available to choose from. Marketing degrees equip students with the skills they require to excel in this area. Most marketing programs teach subjects such as statistics, business and mathematics. Organizational and human behavior related courses are also taught.

An Associate degree in marketing is 2 years in duration and is useful for those who plan on pursuing a Bachelor program upon completion or for those looking for entry level jobs in sales or customer service. A Bachelor degree prepares a student for higher level positions upon graduation in marketing, sales and market research related areas. At the Master’s level, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing is a popular marketing degree choice.

Areas of Study in Marketing

Marketing degrees and programs teach students about a wide range of subjects. Marketing students take courses related to market planning and strategy, consumer behavior and market research. Advertising and promotional strategies are other important aspects of a degree in marketing. Sales management and market communications are also taught. Students learn about branding, targeting particular audiences, market segmenting and more. Students are also taught how to identify the unique selling points of a particular product or service. Consumer behavior and international marketing concepts are also part of the curriculum of a marketing degree.

careers for Marketing Professionals

Marketing graduates will find that a multitude of career options are available to them. Companies the world over require marketing experts to help them sell their products and services. In the increasingly growing global market, finding consumers and ensuring they choose your particular product is becoming crucial to the success of a business.

Graduates with marketing degrees can choose careers in sales, marketing, market research and more. These professionals can be found working in advertising agencies, public relations firms and in departments related to brand management and advertising at all kinds of companies. Online retailing and customer relations are other areas where marketing experts may choose to work. If you crave creativity, then by pursuing a marketing degree you can ensure a career in an exciting field.

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