What is criminal justice?
Criminal Justice deals with various methods of preventing crimes, apprehending criminals, enforcing the law and maintaining the order. Criminal justice professionals perform a wide number of duties in our society as police officers, detectives, corrections officers, crime scene investigators, court officers and customs & border protection officers. The law enforcement system in the United States is revered across the world, and while we take it for granted, law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to
ensure that we remain safe.
What is the Master of Criminal Justice?
Whether you are looking to increase your qualifications or improve your career advancement opportunities, a master in criminal justiceis the best choice for you to achieve your goals.This program can be completed on-campus and online and students can graduate in as little as 18 months. Students take classes in the areas of criminology, investigative techniques, crime scene processing, public safety, anti-terrorism, and criminal prosecution. Since there a variety of roles  to be filled in the field of criminal justice, additional courses depending on the field of specialization are also included in this degree.