What is distance e.learning?
The term ‘distance learning’ is used to define the process of education and training through various means of correspondence including snail mail, e-mail and the internet. Distance education was conceived in 1728, and the postal service was employed to send study materials throughout the country. Since then, the field of distance education has slowly grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, with millions of students from around the world flocking around computers everyday in order to take classes over the internet.
How can I get the Master of Distance Learning?
The Master in distance learning degree is a two year long graduate degree that focuses on giving students a deep understanding of the principles of distance education, while helping them develop vital research skills so that they can define new, innovative techniques of instruction. The curriculum includes courses in distance education methodologies, internet based education, educational program design, student assessment and evaluation and use of digital media for instruction. Students then take courses in an area of specialization such as science, math or the fine arts; and complete research work under the supervision of their professors before they are awarded the Master of distance learning degree.
What are the future prospects?
In the United States alone, over 12 million students and working professionals enroll in distance learning programs every year due to lower costs of tuition, the ability to take classes from anywhere at any time, and substantial savings on commuting costs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of over 16% in employment opportunities in this field through 2018, and the Master of Distance Learning is the best choice to take advantage of this growth and obtain a high paying job in the academic sector.
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