What is economics?
The field of economics deals with the application of business and finance principles in order to effectively manage various areas of a company’s operations and develop effective techniques for increasing profitability. Economics professionals are responsible for evaluating existing methods and suggesting improvements in the areas of productivity, marketing and other factors. They are also responsible for preparing economic forecasts, predicting future financial trends and making public and private monetary policies.
What is the Master of Economics?
The Master of Economics degree is an advanced two year long graduate degree which can be completed through a variety of on-campus and online programs. In order to enroll in this degree, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in an economics related field. The coursework includes subjects such as statistics, micro- and macroeconomics, econometrics, labor economics and research methods in economics. Students must then carry out a dissertation based research, which must be approved by professors and defended on a public forum before the degree can be awarded.
Why should I consider a career in economics?
The principles of economics are applied in virtually every industry including healthcare, engineering and information technology to name a few. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates employment opportunities for professionals in the field of economics will increase by 6% through 2018 with financial institutions and government organizations being the largest employers. With average wages of over $150,000 per year, a steady growth rate and extremely stable jobs, the master in economics degree presents a unique opportunity that ensures a bright future.