What is interior design?
The field of interior design deals with the creation of an aesthetically pleasing, safe, secure and energy efficient environment that meets a client’s needs. Interior designers ensure the best possible utilization of space, and create an area that offers a high degree of functionality while displaying prominent, unique features that make the design stand out. Over the past few decades, interior designing has developed into one of the largest industries in the world. While most interior design work is focused in homes and media related projects, it has also become popular in offices and industries, and more and more designers are being hired to create ideal environments to live and work in.
What is the Master of interior design?
The Master in Interior design is a two-year long graduate degree that can be completed through a variety of on-campus and online programs. In order to enroll in this program, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in interior design or a related field. The coursework includes subjects such as architecture, computer aided design, 3D modeling, spatial planning, landscaping, furniture design, materials technology and textile design.
What are the future opportunities?
The master of interior design degree opens up lots of opportunities from designing theme parks and developing city & town plans, to laying out the appearance and structure of a single room in a house or office. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for interior designers are expected to grow by almost 20% till 2018, making this field an excellent choice for people who wish to share their creative talent with the world.

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