What is public administration?
The field of public administration is a diverse and exciting field that focuses on efficiently managing public sector departments such as government organizations, health care institutions and other federal, state and local government services. The massive increase in the demand for public services has led to the demand for highly educated professionals with excellent management and leadership skills. While public administration officials usually remain behind the scenes, their work is reflected by every facet of society. From managing traffic flow on busy highways to effectively utilizing the public workforce and strategic planning, public administration officials play one of the most important roles in modern society.
What is the Master of Public Administration?
Kaplan University’s Master in Public Administration an advanced, two year long graduate degree which focuses on teaching students how to evaluate, implement and manage various operational aspects in public sector organizations. Students can complete coursework online or on-campus, and take classes in the areas of public management, public sector leadership, finance, human resource management, and public policy development. Students also learn organizational skills, budget preparation techniques and legal aspects of public service. They must also complete an applied research project, and face a public dissertation before the degree can be awarded.
What are the future prospects?
Due to the increased focus of delivering services to citizens in the most organized and efficient manner, the field of public administration is seeing exponential growth rates. By graduating with a Master’s degree in Public Administration, you can find employment at administrative posts in various government departments, hospitals, social welfare organizations and large private businesses.