What is public safety?
The vast field of public safety and security encompasses the areas of law enforcement, policing and investigation, fire & rescue services, emergency medical services and a variety of other services.  The increasing population over the past few years has caused an increase in the demand for public safety officers all over the country to maintain the peace and order in society, attend to the scenes of accidents and fires, and to assist citizens as required. Public safety officers put their lives on the line everyday in order to ensure that we can stay safe and live our lives peacefully.
What is the Master of Public Safety & Security?
The Master in Public Safety & Security is a two year long graduate degree offered to people who have already completed a bachelor level education and wish to improve their careers and open up advancement opportunities in the field of public safety. The coursework includes a generalized curriculum with courses such emergency preparation and response, unit coordination and supervision, evacuation management and crowd control. This is followed by field specific courses in a specialization of the students choosing, such as law enforcement, crime scene investigation or rescue services.
What are the future prospects?

Public safety and security officers have a wide range of careers to choose from and can find jobs as police officers, dispatchers, corrections officers, fire & rescue officers and emergency medical technicians. The Bureau of labor statistics estimates an increase of 15% in employment opportunities in this field, with federal and state agencies being the leading employers allowing an unparalleled degree of job security and further advancement.
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