What is school psychology?
The field of school psychology focuses on diagnosing learning difficulties and treating them, in addition to studying and better understanding the processes through which people learn in order to outline effective techniques for instruction. School or educational psychologists meet with clients, carry out counseling sessions, try to pinpoint the cause of learning difficulties and use psychotherapy to treat them. They are also responsible for introducing new teaching techniques in order to raise the standard of education throughout the schools across the country.

What is the master of school psychology?

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field, and wish to open up a host of new opportunities and move to a better career, you should enroll in the Master in School Psychology degree. This research oriented two-year long graduate degree is built around a generalized curriculum and an intensive research project. The coursework includes subjects such as physiology, psychological testing, and diagnosis of disabilities, behavioral management and therapeutic techniques. Students also learn various research techniques, and carry out a field research project under the supervision of their professors before they can graduate.
What are the future prospects?

Due to the increasing awareness about learning disorders, and the success of psychological treatment methods, the demand for school  psychologists is increasing all over the country. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified school psychology as one of the fastest growing fields, with an annual expansion of 14% in employment opportunities. Average wages for master of school psychology degree holders currently stand at $117,000 per year; and increase considerably with experience.
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