What is special education?
The field of special education focuses on developing various techniques to help students who are battling with a learning difficulty. The field of special education has received special attention over the past couple of decades, mainly due to the increased awareness about learning disorders and the effectiveness of their treatments. The increased ability to diagnose disorders has led to a tremendous increase in the number of children requiring special education, and as such, this relatively unknown branch of education has grown exponentially to become one of the leading areas of focus in education.
How can I get the Master of Special Education?
A number of colleges offer both online and on-campus master in special education degrees. These two-year long graduate degrees are available to students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in an education related concentration and wish to move on to a better career, have an increased degree of job security and more opportunities for advancement. The degree starts off with a core curriculum including courses on disability recognition and diagnosis, therapeutic techniques, special education teaching methods, emergency medical care and education psychology. Students also carry out a thesis based research in the area of special education under the supervision of their professors.What are the future prospects?
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, average wages in this field currently stand at $94,000 per year; and employment opportunities in special education are expected to increase by 17% through 2018. The Master of special education is an excellent choice to take advantage of this growth, and obtain a highly rewarding career at public or private schools, special education centers, healthcare centers, universities and state and federal education organizations.

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