The field of corrections is deals with the control and management of criminals, illegal aliens or people undergoing trial at various jails, prisons and detention centers throughout the country. Corrections officers are responsible for performing numerous duties in correctional institutions, including maintaining the security, preventing disturbances, checking the smuggling of illegal drugs and weapons, supervising visits and consultations and numerous other functions. They are also responsible for preventing any breaches in the security system at a correctional facility and tracking down escaped convicts and people who have violated their bail or parole conditions.
What is the Master of Corrections?

If you have a bachelor’s degree in a law enforcement related area and are looking to move to a better paying career and work as a supervisor or administrator, the Master of Corrections degree is right for you. This two year long program can be completed on-campus or online and includes a core curriculum of subjects such as criminology, criminal justice, criminal psychology, behavioral analysis and emergency response training. The specialization courses include prison control, prison security, prisoner screening, substance abuse prevention, crowd control and crisis management.
What are the future prospects in this field?

The increasing number of convicted criminals in the country, combined with a limited number of prisons has forced the government to open up numerous new jails and correctional institutions. This, along with a large number of retiring prison officials is expected to boost the demand for corrections professionals by 9% through 2018. The Master of Corrections degree is a great way to take advantage of this growth, and obtain a high paying managerial position at a federal or state prison, detention center or correctional facility.

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