What is early childhood education?
The field of early childhood education focuses on the education of young children including preschoolers and children studying in grades one through five. According to the National Research Center on Early Childhood Education, proper teaching and training techniques at a young age help children develop intellectual and social abilities that are vital for success in life. Early childhood education also plays an important role in uncovering learning difficulties, and devising methods for their treatment. Professionals working in this field are responsible for teaching young children, carrying out research work and devising effective techniques of instruction that can be applied in a wider educational setting.
How can I get the master of early childhood education?
The MA or master in early childhood education degree is ideal for the people who wish to move to a highly rewarding career in education and help educate our future generations. In order to enroll in this program, you must have a bachelor’s degree education or a related area. The core curriculum includes subjects such as teaching techniques, child psychology, educational leadership and curriculum development. Additional courses must also be completed in a specialization area such as curriculum design, educational research or educational leadership.
What are the career prospects?
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in early childhood education will increase by 17% through 2018. With average wages of $137,000 per year, a sustained rate of growth and numerous career options at schools, kindergartens, research organizations and state and federal education agencies, this field presents a unique opportunity that ensures an extremely bright future.