Fashion, a popular field, involves studying the creation, execution and marketing of designs. A Master in fashion program consolidates the practical and technical know-how of candidates preparing them for a variety of careers in the fashion industry.

  • Program Structure and Coursework

A Master in fashionis two years in duration. Those wishing to pursue a Master’s in fashion must have an undergraduate degree when enrolling. While it is not necessary to have studied fashion before, those who have may be at an advantage. Candidates must have strong portfolios. During the course of the program, students take a combination of theoretical and practical classes. Students are able to refine their knowledge of the fashion industry and consolidate their technical skills in producing designs. A number of courses are taught; these include:

  • Drawing
  • Textile design
  • Pattern making
  • Print making
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Fashion marketing

Careers in Fashion
A Master in fashion is employable across a number of firms in the fashion industry. Moreover, Masters in fashion have the choice of being self-employed, having a more flexible work schedule. A Master in fashion can work as:

  • Fashion designers
  • Fashion merchandisers
  • Textiles designers
  • Retail buyers
  • Fashion journalists
  • Stylists
  • Accessories designer
  • Costume designer

A Master of fashion can expect to earn anywhere between 30,000 and 80,000 U.S Dollars a year. Income varies considerably depending on the size of the firm one finds employment within and how well established it is.