Overview of Field
The Master of Higher Education prepares students to enter administrative positions in the sector of higher education. Higher education roles include those related to managing faculty, recruitment and grants. The Master of Higher Education
ensures that students can take specialized courses relevant to the sector of Higher Education.
Structure and Duration of the Degree Program
The Master of Higher Education curriculum is designed to take just a year. Some students find that they are more comfortable completing it through part-time study. In such a case the duration of the Master of Higher Education will be longer.
Highlights of the coursework

The Master of Higher Education draws upon coursework from education, psychology, management and administration. The purpose of the program is to familiarize students with the challenges and issues that arise in the world of Higher Education. It is hoped that based on this background students will be able to develop into effective administrators to manage funding and recruitment in colleges and universities.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements
The Master of Higher Education is an option for anyone who has completed an undergraduate degree. Students are generally encouraged to apply after completing some teaching or administrative experience in an educational setting.
Career prospects and average salary
The Master of Higher Education provides students with an edge when they apply for jobs in the education sector. The degree coupled with relevant experience can prepare students for positions where they may be earning over $50,000 a year.

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