Overview of Field
The Master of Human Resources is a specialized degree that prepares students to take up the role of Human Resource managers in all kinds of organizations. The importance of the role of Human Resources has grown steadily over the years. Those with a Master of Human Resources have an edge over those with general management degree in applying for jobs related to managing recruitment and employee motivation.
Structure and Duration of the Degree Program
The Master in Human Resources is designed to be completed through one year of full time study. Some students prolong the degree by completing supplementary coursework or working part time with a reduced course load.
Highlights of the coursework
The coursework in the Master of Human Resources includes courses on hiring and evaluating employees, setting their compensation and using strategic human resource management techniques to contribute to company productivity.  Students may also enroll in some innovative courses such as the use of information technology to manage human resources.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Those with an undergraduate degree may apply for the Master of Human Resources. Students with some practical experience and training in the social sciences generally fare better in admissions.
Career prospects and average salary
The Master of Human Resources prepares students for careers in all kinds of organizations in the retail, technology, education and non-profit sectors. Graduates from the Master of Human Resources tend to start with salaries of over $60,000 a year with strong chances of growth with experience.