Overview of Field
The Master of Human Services is a broad degree that provides students with training in the art and science of delivering services to consumers and clients. The applications of the Master of Human Services degree can be found in sectors such as healthcare, finance and education.
Structure and Duration of the Degree Program

The Master of Human Services is designed to be a one year degree. Students in the final semester are expected to develop and executive an original product related to delivering a service to a specific audience.
Highlights of the coursework
The Master of Human Services allows students to enroll in a wide range of courses including those related to economics, management, statistics, information services and healthcare. Students are encouraged to develop soft skills through role playing and interaction. This provides real world training for the act of interacting directly with clients.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements

The Master of Human Services is an option for anyone who has completed an undergraduate degree.  Those with some amount of work experience in the services sector tend to fare better in admissions. To graduate from the Master of Human Services program, students are expected to maintain passing grades in all coursework including electives and even the final project.
Career prospects and average salary
The Master of Human Services degree prepares students for employment in settings where they will have to deal directly with clients whether in clinics, call centers, customer support settings or schools. Starting salaries tend to be over $50,000 a year.
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