What is Nursing Administration?
The field of nursing focuses on looking after various physical and emotional needs of patients at hospitals and clinics. Millions of people undergo treatment at hospitals every year, and as the healthcare industry focuses on improving the quality of care while cutting down costs and increasing overall profitability, there is an urgent requirement for administration professionals who can effectively manage the front line efforts in healthcare. This is where the field of Nursing Administration comes in, and over the past decade, it has stepped out of the shadow of other branches of nursing to become one of the fastest growing fields in the country.
How can I get the Master of Nursing Administration?
If you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related field, and are looking to move to a better paying career that enables you to make positive changes in the healthcare system, and impact people’s lives, then the Master of Nursing Administration is right for you. This two-year long graduate level degree
includes courses such as anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, in addition to core management subjects such as resource management and organizational development. Before they graduate, students also complete a thesis-based research project under the supervision of their professors.
What are the future prospects in this field?
The increasing number of elderly people in the country, combined with an overall increase in the population has raised the demand for health services professionals. This in turn, has also caused an increase in the demand of nursing and healthcare administration personnel. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of over 16% in employment opportunities in this field, and puts average earnings at over $129,000 per year.