Overview of Field
The MBA of Healthcare is a broad degree designed to train professionals for the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is a vital pillar of the modern economy and those with an MBA of Healthcare are the best people to manage hospitals, clinics, medical technology companies and medical insurance agencies.
Structure and Duration of the Degree Program
The MBA of Healthcare is designed as a two year program of full-time study. Many students prefer to enroll part-time and not lose out on working opportunities. Others find that they need to take additional coursework to plug deficiencies in their background training.  The programs tend to be flexible enough to accommodate specializations.
Highlights of the coursework
The MBA of Healthcare has been carefully designed to ensure that students receive broad exposure in all functional areas that are critical to the working of the sector. Students take a range of core courses that are very similar to what they would study in other MBA programs for their first year. In the second year, they attempt to specialize by picking electives in areas like operations and finance.
Admission criteria and graduation requirements
Those with an undergraduate degree and some amount of relevant experience may apply for admissions into the MBA of Healthcare. Graduation from the MBA of Healthcare depends on successful completion of all relevant subjects with a passing grade including the final project.
Career prospects and average salary
The MBA of Healthcare is the perfect preparation to manage healthcare technology, insurance and medical centers. Average starting salaries are generally over $80,000 a year with strong chances for growth.

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