Overview of the field

Finance job market is among the most competitive and the number of students who opt for finance degrees is increasing every year. According to statistics the number of finance jobs is expected to grow 60% within the next few years.

Structure and duration of the program

An Online Finance Degree is offered by most of the online universities at bachelors level, masters level, postgraduate or undergraduate diploma and associate programs as well. The bachelors programs takes around four years to complete while a masters degree takes around two to three years. The duration of the program largely depends on how the student chooses to approach the courses and manage the time given to each course.

Highlights of the coursework

The coursework aims to acquaint students with the basics of finance and its relevance to various fields. Courses include business finance, banking, corporate finance, investment. The students have a long list of subjects to choose from besides these core subjects. This is also a chance to channelize the degree and the future specializations.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements

Admission in Online Finance Degree  is not very hard because universities generally encourage applications from people with diverse backgrounds. Even if you have no previous background in the field, you can enroll in an online program.

Career prospects and average salary

With an Online Finance Degree you can work as financial or investment manager, financial analyst and work with non-government organizations, private companies or the public sector.