Overview of the field

Security management is a broad field in terms of career prospects. Thousands of students enroll every year in security management degrees and go on to work in the private and public sector since security management is one of the basic needs of every organization
Structure and duration of the program
Security management is usually offered in the certificate or associate programs. Some universities, however, also offer masters as a specialization. The associate and the certificate programs take around a year to complete and the coursework usually includes theory with some on-job training.

Highlights of the coursework

The coursework trains individuals in taking preemptive and immediate measure to stop and control crime. The coursework includes

  • Asset protection
  • Security methods
  • Law for personal security
  • Public safety administration
  • Criminal law among others

The coursework aims at education students on taking immediate action and decision at the moment of crisis.

Admission criteria and graduation requirements

Admission into security management program doesn’t usually require any particular degree. Students who want to pursue a career in security management go for the diploma or certificate programs. Some universities, however, may require high school diploma.

Career prospects and average salary

Security management has an extensive job market. Security is among the basic requirements of any industry and the employers are usually willing to pay well for trained individuals who could be responsible for security. With a certificate or associate program you can expect to make around $45,000 annually.

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