Ultrasound or diagnostic medical sonography is a sophisticated technique that uses sound waves to generate an image of the human organ being scanned. It plays an important role in the healthcare sector such as diagnosing medical conditions, assessing the growth of a human baby in gynecology, etc. Ultrasound schools train their students to enter this lucrative field where potential for growth is quite high.

Ultrasound schools usually offer two to four year programs for aspiring ultrasound technicians. However, people already a part of the allied healthcare force such as nurses can complete the program in lesser time such as one year. The students enrolled in ultrasound schools are normally imparted training in medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, ultrasound physics, abdominal sonography, gynecological sonography, vascular sonography, cardiac sonography, etc.

It is better to enroll in ultrasound schools that are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) as these programs are top-notch and efficiently prepare the students for passing their certification exams. Some ultrasound schools also offer specialized programs that concentrate on only one aspect of sonography such as cardiac or vascular sonography. People trained in basic diagnostic medical sonography can enroll in such programs to enhance their resume and achieve higher-paying jobs.

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