Nursing is a very important part of the healthcare industry. Nurses are responsible for taking care of the physical and mental health of the patients. Nurses perform a variety of tasks, depending upon their certification and level of expertise. For an example, nurses can certify themselves in a variety of different medical procedures and processes. Many nurses specialize in surgical procedures and assists surgeons. Whereas, other nurses certify themselves in general practice and take care of the overall administration of hospitals. Other nurses certify themselves in childcare specializations and work in child-care institutes. The nursing profession has a variety of different disciplines and specializations that students can choose from.

Why should one choose a nursing profession?

The following are the main reasons for why people choose to pursue careers in the healthcare industry as nurses:

  • Become an important part of the healthcare industry:  Students who are interested in assisting people and further improving the healthcare industry should seriously consider the nursing profession. Nurses assist doctors in general practice, special surgical procedures, and overall general ward rounds.
  • Health care salaries: Certified nurses make between $50,000 and $200,000 depending upon their level of education and years of experience.
  • Long term career path: Nursing is a long term career in the healthcare industry. Nurses have a variety of different fields to work in. For example, nurses can work in hospitals, nursing institutes, private clinics, and even in the medical institutes.

How many different nursing degrees are there?
There are different number of diplomas, certifications, and degrees that one can pursue. Typically, the following are the main degrees associated with nursing:

  • Associates degree in nursing
  • bachelor’s degree in nursing
  • Master’s degree in nursing
  • PhD in nursing

A variety of different diplomas are offered by community colleges and junior colleges all across America. Irrespective of the above stated degree that you choose, all nurses have to certify themselves as nurses even after graduating with the degrees. There is a national organization that conducts the examinations. Certified nurses are typically get higher salaries.
Nursing enable students to pursue a variety of different specializations. Nurses can specialize in healthcare administration, childcare, and in daily care. Nurses can also specialize in certain procedures and processes. Nurses can specialize in procedures that are associated with the pathology department or the radiology department. Majority of nurses certify themselves in general administration as well. Nurses that have certified themselves in any specialization tend to see a raise in opportunity and salary.
Nurses do not have a 9-to-5 job. Typically, the hospitals and the healthcare Institutes train the nurses to be work around the clock. Different shifts exist for the entire month or even for the year. Nurses get to be rotated throughout the entire year. Extra pay and benefits are associated with different shifts. Only those people should be applying for nursing degrees that are seriously considering working with patients and being a part of the overall healthcare industry.