Distance learning enables students to pursue higher education from the comfort of their home at a schedule that suits them best. In addition to providing students and professionals with an opportunity to continue their education, distance learning can also help people who want to switch their job. Associate’s degrees are the most widely pursued distance learning programs in the US.

Associate degree online:-
An associate’s degree is a basic two year higher education program after which students can pursue further two years of study to complete their bachelor’s degree. An online associate’s degree can be completed in applied sciences, arts, or business administration. Many accredited universities are now offering online associate degrees in various disciplines like law, health, technology, marketing, and humanities. An online associate degree has the same as an on-campus degree. There are many benefits to joining an associate degree distance learning program in terms of saving time and resources. It is the most convenient way of learning especially for those who work full time and do not wish to compromise on their jobs. It is also ideal for students who are looking for a fast track to joining the professional world.

Associate degree distance learning is divided into the following broad categories:

  • Occupational Associate’s Degree:- It focuses more on the industry-specific knowledge than the general coursework and allows the students to land a job immediately after the completion of the degree.
  • Associate Degree of Arts:- It usually forms the basis for a four year bachelor’s degree.
  • Associate degree in Applied Sciences:-  It is like an occupational associate degree albeit these two year courses can also be transferred to a bachelor’s degree which can be earned on a further two years of study. An associate degree especially in applied science is now widely preferred by many employers.

Career Benefits of Pursing an Online Associate Degree:-

Associate degree distance learning helps in achieving a rewarding career as it provides focused and area specific knowledge, hence increasing the chances of getting better career opportunities. The ever-increasing competition in the job market has made higher education take the center stage. Therefore an online associate degree gives an edge while hunting for a job. It also benefits those who have full-time jobs but are looking to change their career fields or give a boost to the same by gaining some added skills. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment rate is 30% less in high school graduates as compared to those with associate degrees, who also earn way more than the later. There are many high paying jobs that are open to associate degree holders in fields like communications, business administration, health, childcare and etc. On an average an individual with an associate degree earns $36,000 per annum.

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