There are things that you can live without but you can’t deny that they make your life a lot easier. Mobile apps can become an indispensable part of your student life. If you want to make online learning fun and organized, try these wonderful apps:


Why look for a calculator or do long calculations on a page to find out your GPA? Don’t sweat the small stuff and go for GPA-mE! This app makes calculating GPA a lot easier. Just input all the details and you have your result right there. It also helps you organize your grades while you continue to take on more courses.


CourseSmart can turn out to be your favorite e-textbook reader on phone. Now, you don’t need to own a Kindle or an I Pad to read your e-textbooks. This app is not just any e-textbook reader. It helps you search words and phrases in the book, take notes, and find study tools. No more backpacks, Kindles, or iPads needed now.


Flashcards are great to make your study session interesting and efficient. But it’s quite a hassle to make flashcards on paper, and it’s not environmentally friendly as well. Now you have an app that not only makes flashcards on your phone but also estimates your progress with study statistics. Get this app to become one smart student and make your parents proud.

Wolfram Alpha

Think of this app as an elder and wiser brother of Google. It helps you search almost anything and gives very precise and comprehensive information. This handy app is what you need if search engines baffle you and you seem to get lost while on the first page. If you ask on Wolfram Alpha “What is the salary of nurses?” it will give you a correct number instantly and also give you the related sources.


Do you often come across great sources while conducting your research but never seem to know where they go? Try InstaPaper. It lets you save sources, so that you can access them anytime and anywhere. Now your research efforts will translate into grades and not in a waste of time.


Would you like to be more organized? Who wouldn’t. If you can’t recall a deadline or the assignment you had to submit this week, Astrid comes to your aid. With to-do lists, reminders, and organized collaboration, it is one useful app.  Just keep updating your Astrid and you won’t need a special effort to stay organized.


Do you learn new things easily when there’s a video available? Then, Howcast is just right for you. Learn here what interests you because this app gives you a treasure chest of detailed step-by-step instructional videos. You can find information on many educational topics, meaning students will likely find some interesting information here.

What’s your favorite app

You can use the best out of these apps to gain knowledge on the go through your mobile devices. Do let us know if you have any more apps that you think can help you for your online education.

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